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Ladybug Release

We are a group of collaborators who lean into an ethos of imagination and creativity guiding our open palm approach.

LadyBug Release is an organization dedicated to the release of art in all forms into our ecosystem.

Ladybugs are insects that promote the cultivation and promulgation of plants, providing the air humans breathe everyday. These spotted creatures help our gardens in the same way artists help our communities.

The Team

The People of Ladybug Release


Producer | Director | Cinematographer | Screenwriter

Screen Shot 2021-03-14 at 3.15.30 PM.png
Rachel Rivera

Actor | Writer | Photographer

Greetings From Arizona

Zach Singer

Director | Editor | Screenwriter

Greetings From Arizona 

We Are Here

Rita Koch

Screenwriter | Producer

Greetings From Arizona

The Gift

Eleanor Brown 

Director | Producer

We Are Here

Sal Sclafani

Producer | Storyteller

Saints of Little Italy

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